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Sprawdzanie ludzkich granic w przytulnym mieszkanku moim

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Mr Gold

Dołączył: 09 Sty 2018
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Skąd: Pieńsk

PostWysłany: Pią 5:27, 11 Sty 2019    Temat postu: Sprawdzanie ludzkich granic w przytulnym mieszkanku moim

I have an idea for naturist-masochistic fun for adults (mostly for Germans). It will be 25 minutes for a man and 30 minutes for women. A total of 15 keys to find in 300 cans of peanuts and many other items. The cost of one game can be 2 euros, with the possibility of refunding half of the cost after the correct passage of the entire game. It will be the smallest and cheapest escape room in history.
The absolute basis of my play from the beginning must be an appropriate captivity hood. Such a hood must have an opening for the eyes and the mouth. The idea is to be able to dress dark goggles under the hood so that the participant can not see much. However, something has to be seen. In addition, verbal contact with the staff may be necessary through something like walkie-talkie. It will always be a one-man (or women) game using walkie talkie.
All the fun would start in the innermost of the three rooms of my flat in Pieńsk. The entire service of my escape room should have three or four people (including at least one woman). It would be good to install cameras in all rooms, while the windows are already there. All the fun would start in the corner of the most internal room in my apartment. Near the stove, it would not be cold for the player.
In principle, in addition to the hood of captivity and dark goggles, I may need one more element, namely a collar or a chain around the neck. Basically, the idea is that it has to be something very difficult to take off with one hand. Such something may be possible to be taken with two hands, but it should not be possible to remove it with one hand. The whole will start with bringing the participant to the start room by one or two people from the service.
The participant will have to give all clothes to the service people. Maybe only the panties and bra will be legal. However, only total nudity should give a lot of fun for everyone, that is, for the player as well as for those watching the monitoring. That is the truth, is not it? In addition, my entire venture will be a more active and demanding version of BDSM. Although it may be less demanding than a television program "Naked and Afraid".
I think all rooms in my escape room should be dark. The windows must be covered, but accessible to the player as an emergency exit. The only source of lighting should be one lamp. That must be enough. Although in the day it can be turned off. After handing over all the clothes, the competitor should have one hand tucked to the rigid element next to the wall. In addition, the player should have handcuffed legs together. In this situation, the whole game must start in a position on your knees.
The first task of the competitor will be to accept that captive hood and collar / chain around the neck can not be removed with one hand. Therefore, the player will then have the task to use the hook that will be lying next to him (for girls it can be up to three hooks), to reach the four glasses placed next to each other (ie on the pile) glasses, which will be placed about 1 meter before knees of a naked participant. In each of four glasses there will be one key.
Only one of these four keys will fit the handcuffs, drawing the player's hand to the rigid object next to the wall. One more key will be used to release your legs. The other two keys will be useless. Further in the first room you will need to find three keys to three drawers. In principle, the first key can be a salvation and then you will not have to look for the second and third keys. In the first room there will be 90 cans of peanuts.
These cans will be placed in very different places throughout the room. There will be three keys to three drawers. When you find the key, then you open the drawer and look for the fourth key, because in each of the three closed drawers there will be 10 cans of peanuts. A big difficulty in the game from the beginning will be the fact that the room will be full of clothes and other items. I am also considering putting the dog in the first room.
One more thing will be the fact that three keys to three drawers containing 10 cans will not have to be hidden in 90 cans of the first room. From the beginning you will have to look for three keys to three drawers, not only in cans, but in a whole dark room full of clothes and a dog. If a competitor finds it in the whole room (not only in 90 cans of peanuts) key to the drawer, then he opens the drawer and searches for the door key in 10 cans in each drawer.
When the player finds the key to the door, he will be able to open the door and enter the other room. It will be an individual player's choice if he wants to let the dog in the other room into the other room. This solution will be 100% legal and acceptable to everyone. The second room will be very similar and will have a second dog. and certainly also cameras for monitoring and a window, just like in the first room.
If the player during the game is not able to properly remove the captivity cap, goggles and collar or chain around his neck, then the player will have to play until the end in this casing. Do not destroy our company equipment. This equipment should not be able to be pulled with one hand, but most probably it should be possible to pull it with two hands. The whole other room will be similarly expanded as the first room.
The second room will be another 90 cans of peanuts, and 10 cans in three drawers. It will be a total of 240 cans in the first two rooms (120 in both rooms). However, apart from cans, there will also be many other items. This time you will need to find 5 keys, but 2 of these 5 keys will be in two of the three drawers, so the task will not be more difficult than in the first room.
Eventually, you will need to find the key to the door to the third room, where there will be service for my escape room with the player's clothes. However, in addition to the door key, the player will be required to find the keys to the wardrobe with the bathrobe in room 2 before entering room 3. The competitor can not enter room 3 without a bathrobe found in room 2. This is due to the fact that the bathrobe will be needed as a commodity according to the rules.
The third room will contain 60 cans. Two of these 60 cans contain two keys. One key will fit into the wardrobe with the player's clothes, which were initially taken by the staff of my escape room. The competitor will have to replace the robe from room number 2 with his clothes from the wardrobe in room 3. The game will be completed when the competitor will be wearing his shirt and pants or shorts (depends on how he will be dressed at first).
If you can finish the game within the regular time (that is, 25 minutes for men and 30 minutes for women), then you can get back half the money, assuming that the cost of play will be 2 euros, while the reward will be one euro. I invite you to my home in Pieńsk, Marek G. I have not started a business yet, but I have no possibility yet. I have to start with everything at the latest in 2020. In my opinion everything should be safe and legal. Small fun, but exciting. Walkie talkie, monitoring and windows should be sufficient security in the event of a fire, but there would always be very little chance for such a thing.

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