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Gigantyczna Republika Ukrainy Zachodniej

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Mr Gold

Dołączył: 09 Sty 2018
Posty: 697
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Skąd: Pieńsk

PostWysłany: Pon 23:26, 05 Lis 2018    Temat postu: Gigantyczna Republika Ukrainy Zachodniej


Hello, my beloved. I am an antichrist, or an opponent of the Jewish Christian religion, which always ended with the Inquisition and crusades, although of course nobody expected it. However, I prefer to chill for cold (still for now). For this reason, I would like Ukraine to become a new Sweden. A new European power of blue-yellow colors in place of the old, virtually destroyed power of old Europe.
This is to be the great strength of the new, Slavic Central Europe. I do not come from Austria, but from Poland, and that should be enough. Yes, in genetic terms, I'm definitely not 100% Slav, but what does it matter? Hitler was not 100% Slav, but they gave him a great career.
Do not say that since he came from Austria, he was allowed to do what he wanted, and I am not allowed, because I come from a Slavic state, that's why I'm smarter and smart people can not have rights.
After all, I am not 100% Slav, and for this I want to dismantle Poland in principle. The only problem is that in this place another xenophobic state is to be created, namely Western Ukraine. This is not supposed to be in honor of Bandera, because he changed the colors to red (communist) and black (judeo-catholic). I want to be the new national hero of Ukraine. There will be no Jew peeing on Slavic Central and Eastern Europe. Poland is a sick Jewish-Catholic entity. The white color is racism, red is socialism, and as we add the black color of the Catholic church, Nazism comes out. However, Nazism was sponsored by American Jews so America could get rich, become the greatest power in the world and create the terrorist state of Israel. So what if they won the Cold War against the USSR? This state was created by Jews and managed for a long time by them. They also rule the present Russia, because Putin was brought up in childhood by this so-called "chosen nation". Of course, chosen to murder people through Jesus, their master, not mine.
Now in Poland there is chaos thanks to them. The party called "Law and Justice" must give me power in practice, otherwise they will come up with anything and will be directly eaten up by only seemingly less chaotic competition. But do you believe, for example, in the so-called "National Movement" or "November 11th Movement"? Either they or me! Choose, but do not think that anyone can jump up to me! Details later, but I am warning you right now that you will not be able to get rid of much worse idiots than me !!!

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