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Mr Gold

Dołączył: 09 Sty 2018
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PostWysłany: Wto 1:11, 06 Lis 2018    Temat postu: GRUZ

Poles are now definitely the weakest nation in the whole world. The PO was never to lose power thanks to the best experts in ruling the globe. But something did not get stuck and PiS won the parliamentary elections. Now the situation is dramatic, therefore the only option is to hide under Ukraine like a mouse under a broom. We must offer something interesting to them.
Anyone who does not want to be Semite but a Slav must support me. We Slavs must be based in Ukraine. I have many ideas thanks to which Poland can give ass to Ukraine. Only Ukraine can be considered a true Slav creator.
All Slavs must love Ukraine more than I do, and I try to love Ukraine very much, because this is at least the most interesting nation in the world.
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Time to end with regret. Let's bring back green Ukraine in Poland!
Gigantic Republic of Western Ukraine GRUZ / HRZU / GRWU. Also, Georgians can enjoy this because they have good relations with Poland, but also probably with Ukraine in this situation most likely.
The flag of the new Ukrainian state in place of Poland will be completely green. It should be a similar flag to Saudi Arabia, but without all these Arab scribbles. Ideally, it would be a completely green rectangle, without any ornaments. This is a good and original concept. Ukraine has blue at the top and yellow at the bottom. These two colors give together green. You can say that blue and yellow can be the parents of green. Alternatively, you can insert a circle with the colors of Ukraine, that is, the upper half of the circle will be yellow, while the lower half of the circle will be blue.
The new Ukrainian league in football will have 12 clubs in the highest league. It will be 9 clubs from the original eastern Ukraine and 3 clubs from the new western Ukraine. These may be the best 3 clubs from the Polish premiership in the current season, if you can start the new project from the next season 2019-2020. It may be the case that two clubs from eastern Ukraine and one club from western Ukraine will fall from the league every year. That is, as many as 7 clubs from Eastern Ukraine will be sure to maintain every season. Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar Donetsk should not have problems with maintaining this situation, but the league may also be closed if the Ukrainians from the original eastern Ukraine demand it. In addition, I have an idea to introduce the color of the leader with the formula of cycling races.
In my opinion, the color of the leader in football should obviously be green. Most clubs do not use this color. This is the color of grass, vegetation, grasslands on football fields. In my opinion, it is forbidden for all clubs to use this color on T-shirts, shorts and gaiters (maybe in addition to club logos, let's say). Let only the leader play in green. All green. In my opinion, it should be added here that the leader who is not the champion for the previous games will play in green, but all the letters, numbers, stripes and other elements on the shirts will have a white color, while the champions defending leader will have all the letters, numbers, belts and other items on the shirts in gold. In my opinion, only the champion of previous competitions should have access to gold elements on costumes during the whole edition of the competition data, while others should always play in white elements, but there should be one exception, ie the last queue. If before the last turn the leader has the advantage of guaranteeing him the championship, he should play in the last match of the season, of course, in green clothes, but not with white ones, but only with golden elements of all. In my opinion, this word fits here best.

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